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KALL Minor 8 Practice Field ScheduleChuck Lafferty 9/6/2012UnknownDownload
KALL Rookie 7 Practice Field ScheduleChuck Lafferty 2/3/2011UnknownDownload
KALL Rookie6 - TBall Practice Field ScheduleChuck Lafferty 3/26/2012UnknownDownload

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THE KALL fields are NOT OPEN without reservation TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!
NOTICE: We can not guarantee a field reservation can be received and granted if requesting a field for the day of the request. Requests should be submitted by 4:00PM the day BEFORE the date required, or by 4:00PM on Friday for a weekend date.

Field Usage Rules and Scheduling Information.

  1. KALL facilities are reserved for League use and are not open to the general public. Non Katy American League teams wishing to use our facilities must be approved by and registered with KALL*. KALL spends a lot of money and effort keeping our fields maintained and suitable for our league play, and we expect all teams allowed to use KALL facilities to follow the rules and guidelines specified below.  KALL reserves the right to refuse use of fields to anyone and revoke field use privileges for teams who do not respect our facilities and our rules!
  2. Fields must be scheduled in advance and reservation requests might not be answered on weekends. In order to reserve a field, the team must be 100% current with rental fees due to KALL and must post a refundable $100.00 deposit in advance. NO TEAM WILL BE ALLOWED TO RESERVE A FIELD UNLESS ALL PREVIOUS RENTAL FEES HAVE BEEN PAID. TEAMS BEHIND IN PAYMENT MORE THAN ONE WEEK WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY IN ADVANCE FOR FUTURE RESERVATIONS!!!!
  3. Fields are not usually scheduled more than two weeks in advance except for KALL events and some Select games. Select games exceptions include the use of KALL fields to host inter-league rotational tournaments/games that require advanced commitment of field availability. No exceptions to this rule will be granted for Select Team practices or "practice games".
  4. Fields are scheduled on a first come basis with priority given to KALL teams, i.e. Regular Season and All Star teams.
  5. A maximum of one field per team can be reserved. A 2nd field can be utilized if no other scheduled team shows up, YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE A RESERVATION FOR AT LEAST ONE FIELD. In the event you are using a 2nd field and a scheduled team shows up, you must promptly vacate that field.
  6. Any team who reserves a field may also use the associated batting cage.
  7. All field scheduling must be done through a field schedule coordinator. Contact information is available on the right side of this page.
  8. Please check the calendar (KALL MAIN Field Reservation Schedule) prior to requesting fields. This does not guarantee availability, but does help eliminate confusion and is more efficient.
  9. In the event the field schedule coordinator is not available for contact for any extended period, an email will go out to all registered teams.
  10. A confirmation email (call) will be sent (placed) in reply to all field requests verifying availability. 
  11. Anyone using a field or batting cage after/before their reserved slot or without a reservation should promptly vacate in the event a scheduled team shows up. NO TEAM SHOULD USE KALL FACILITIES WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM KALL!!!! TEAMS FOUND TO BE USING KALL FACILITIES WITHOUT PRIOR RESERVATIONS WILL LOSE ALL FIELD PRIVILEGES UNTIL THE NEXT SPRING BASEBALL SEASON HAS ENDED!!!!
  12. Any unforeseen conflicts at the fields should be handled in a professional and courteous manner.
  13. It will be the responsibility of each team to notify KALL in advance when you need to cancel or reschedule a reservation. This will allow us to clear the original date for others to use. If we do not receive a change request, you will be required to pay the rental fee whether the field is actually used or not. In the event of a rain-out, you must notify a field schedule coordinator no later than the night of the canceled practice in order to have the rental fee waived or the reservation rescheduled.
  14. No hard-ball soft-toss is allowed against the backstop fencing.
  15. No vehicles are allowed to drive back to the fields. The only vehicles allowed past the gate are those of board members, maintenance crews, and police patrols.
  16. All necessary field maintenance should be performed upon end of practices or games without exception! (i.e. RAKING, WATERING, TRASH REMOVAL**, etc). APPROPRIATE CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF ALL KALL FACILITIES IS MANDATORY AND FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF FIELD PRIVILEGES!!!!

*  In order for select teams to be considered for approval and allowed to practice free of charge by KALL, the team's roster must have more than 50% of current registered KALL players on it. "Current" implies KALL's calendar year starting and ending with the spring registration dates. Otherwise, the select team must pay a $50 rental fee. All fees should be made out to KALL and sent to PO BOX 1213, Katy, TX 77492. All teams using KALL facilities MUST submit a current roster, select organization Team ID/registration number, proof of insurance, and a billing address and/or current email address.

** Trash removal constitutes making sure the field and especially the dugouts do not have trash lying around. The small trash cans must be emptied into the large trash barrels.


Contact Information Minimize

You must register your team with KALL in order to reserve a field at our complex, please contact:

Chuck Lafferty  or  Rob Clark



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